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Schools offers

We are able to provide curriculum based education sessions, featuring drama based activities, led by historical figures with local links.


William Cuffay

We offer a schools version of our play 'The Showman & the Chartist' - depicting a fictionalised meeting between noted author Charles Dickens & William Cuffay - a political agitator, born & raised in Medway, tailor & transported leader of the London Chartists. The play compares their stories & asks questions about why their destinies were very different, given their similar beginnings. 40 min play + 15 min Q&A with characters.

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Sarah Baker, Governess General of Kentish Theatre

Pupils can enter the vibrant world of Medway in the 18th century, as this theatrical entrepreneur takes them through her rise from humble pleasure garden dancer, to the owner of a string of theatres stretching across Kent.

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Anne Pratt

Victorian botanical illustrator born and raised in Medway, Anne Pratt, can lead pupils in sketching, while unpacking her Medway beginnings & education, and the challenges and rewards of being a female artist with disabilities in Victorian Britain.

If you are interested in a school session from a local character not mentioned here, get in touch. Chances are we already have that character on our books, or are able to build a bespoke session around them, using our curriculum based, historically accurate research & development skills.

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